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Veggie Wash 500ml

Veggie Wash 500ml


Just rinsing fruits and Vegetables with water may not remove the germs and contamination present on the surface which is harmful to your health. Veggie wash has a unique mixture of various natural ingredients that are 99.9% safe, remove bacteria, germs, pesticides, waxes, etc

Usage :

Dilute 1/2 capful (Approx 25 ml) of veggie wash in 2 ltr. of normal water. Soak vegetables and fruits for 5 min in the solution. Rub the individual item thoroughly with the solution while keeping them
dipped. Rinse off with running water for 2-3 times for at least 30sec.

Caution :Do not drink. Keep away from children’s reach. Make sure thatyou don’t use cut or peeled vegetables and fruits. Notrecommended for mushrooms


Benefits :

- Removes bacteria
- Eliminate waxes
- Work safely and effectively
- Virus protection
- Deep cleansing
- Wash away contaminants
- Kill 99.9% germs

- Remove pesticides

- Helps to prevent from diseases