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Truly Olive Gel Scrub 200ml


Buff yourself beautiful with this natural exfoliating Olive Gel Scrub. While exfoliating, other ingredients including Walnut shell powder and All antoinextracts penetrate into your skin, leaving a long-lasting fresh hydrated sensation. It also works great to reveal a brighter complexion. Blend with water and work the Gel scrub over your body in circular motions to reveal fresh, radiant, silky-smooth skin that clogs pores and eliminates roughness.

Description :

Apply a scoop of hand-made Body Exfoliating Scrub to wet skin & gently massage in circular motion, focusing on rough skin areas. Rinse & thoroughly clean with fresh water. Follow up with Olive Body Butter for extra smoothening effect.

Benefits :

-Stimulates Blood Circulation

-Nourishes New Skin Cells

-Guards New Skin
-EpidermalSkin Wellness

-Reduces Sunburn

-Excorticate Dead Skin

-Skin Replenishment

-Soft and Smooth Skin

-Spotless Skin