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Intense Aloevera Hair Removal 50gm

Intense Aloevera Hair Removal 50gm


A gentle, yet effective hair remover with the moisturizing benefits of Aloevera. It contains an advanced hair remover cream that effectively dissolves away unwanted hair which works in as little as4 minutes and leaves your skin soft and smooth with longer lasting results. This hair removal cream is enriched with moisturizing properties and natural ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft and velvety and the effect stays much longer.


Apply Hair Removal Cream on skin and use the spatula to spread it evenly, covering all hair. Do not rub in. Wait for 4 minutes. Do not exceed your application time beyond 8 minutes. Use the bigger
end of the spatula for removal of the cream along with unwanted hair.


- Removes dirt
- Keeps skin supple
- Fights signs of aging
- Radiant skin
- Brightens complexion
- Deeply Cleanses
- Maintains skin moisture
- Maintains Ph balance
- Keeps skin spotless