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Anti Acne Programme 3N

Anti Acne Programme 3N


Oxi9 Acne End Cleanser Powered by Salicylic acid, Basil gently unclogs pores, reduces acne-causing bacteria and oils from skin while protecting vital skin lipids.



1 Cleansing Milk

DIRECTION : Take a little quantity on the ngertips. Massage over the
face in an upward motion. Rinse with warm water.

2 Moisturing Gel
DIRECTION : Apply small quantity of Acne End Moisturizing Gel all over
the face & gently massage in an upward circular motion for 20

3 No Spot Gel
DIRECTION : Apply a small layer of Acne End No Spot Gel all over the
face for 20 minutes for optimum results



Gently unclogs pores|Reduces acne|Deeply exfoliates|Cleanses
without over drying|Maintain moisture balance|Reduces
excessive oil|Protect vital skin lipids |Soothe skin inammation
Reduces skin itchiness